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2010 Chateau Lynch-Bages - Blanc De Lynch-Bages

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Country France
Region Bordeaux
Varietal Semillon Sauvignon Blanc
Vintage 2010

Born in 1990, "Blanc de Lynch-Bages" is the fruit of joining the three white varietals of the Bordeaux appellation, planted on some eight parcels of the historical Lynch-Bages terroir.

Adding to with the fresh fruit flavours of Sauvignon Blanc, including cassis buds, grapefruit and exotic fruit, flavours of dried or candied fruit and white flowers of Sémillon and Muscadelle mingle. The fermentation and aging in barrels, used precisely, give the wine fine woody and vanilla notes, which contribute to their aromatic complexity. In the mouth, Blanc de Lynch-Bages marries freshness and vigour to a foundation that is at the same time round, ample and elegant.

Since 2006, a comprehensive selection project in the vineyards has made it possible to strengthen its vitality and promote its fruity and floral notes. The intra-parcel selection at harvest time and the prevention of the oxidation of the berries before pressing contribute to safeguarding the flavours and to the harmonious aging of the wines.

In its youth, Blanc de Lynch-Bages shows itself to be lively and explosive. Sauvignon Blanc, as it comes into full expression, gradually gives way to aromas of dried apricots, candied fruit and nuts, more specific to Sémillon. Throughout its life it maintains an exhilarating freshness and a long finish, typical of the great white wines of Bordeaux.

The first bunches of Muscadelle were picked in bright, early-morning sunshine on Monday September 13th. This was rapidly followed by the Sauvignon Blanc, the majority grape variety in our white wine, and, finally, the Sémillon. The harvest of the white grapes was performed every morning until September 17th.

We continued intra-plot selection for the third consecutive year: this resulted in 18 separate batches made from 3 waves of picking. The grapes were taken to our winery by refrigerated truck and separated into two batches: one de-stemmed and pressed immediately, while some of the Sauvignon Blanc was left overnight in the presses for cold maceration.

70% of the juice was barrel-fermented, using 80% new oak. Each barrel was individually temperature-controlled to preserve the fresh aromas throughout fermentation. Ageing continued on the lees with regular stirring to enhance the wine’s body and volume on the palate.

Blanc de Lynch-Bages 2010 has the typical fruity aromas of perfectly-ripe Sauvignon Blanc, mixed with spices and backed up by full-bodied, intense flavour, following through in a long, fresh aftertaste.